Windows 8.1 Start Menu Preview, Microsoft Heard our shouts

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The good news is, Microsoft appears to have finally come to its senses with regards to the start button. With the Windows 8.1 start menu, shutting down or rebooting devices are much faster. Users will simply right-click on the Start button on the Start screen and the traditional menu will pop-up. The shut down button can be found at bottom of the menu. One striking difference of the Windows 8 is the various ways that a PC or tablet can be shut down or restarted. Admittedly, none of those options really caught on with users so this attempt with the Start button might make things better.
There are other changes that users will easily notice in the new Start screen. For one, the Computer tile is now This PC. There’s also an arrow at the bottom of the screen that takes one straight to Apps. Users can also choose several tiles and run just one command for all of them.

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