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Shifting to Xbox Music and the launching of the highly anticipated Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 (WP8) this fall may just be the nails to the coffin on the surrounding reason why Microsoft is waiving its goodbye hand to Zune and some of its desktop apps. Sensing that their time is upon them to rekindle their popularity and name as one of the world’s top companies, Microsoft is supposedly developing a new User Interface-based Windows 8 app as a loyal companion for people with WP8 mobile phone devices. Aside from it being a partner, the application will also be responsible for managing and syncing purposes. Word on the street also has it that the app will replace the Zune client for Windows 8 users.

With no official name for the app as of the moment, the app will be available via the Windows Store and will have a sleek yet modern Metro style interface design. In addition, it will automatically be installed on a user’s WP8 device when the latter is connected to a Windows 8 PC. 

It is some sort of a passing of the flame of Zune to the said app as users will now be able to access their photos, music and other files as what Zune’s app has done before the app’s creation. Windows 7 users have no need to worry as Microsoft’s will also give you a desktop software that will compliment the values of the Windows 8 application. Can we expect more info on the app on Microsoft and Nokia’s press event in New York.

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