Windows 8 Preview & Features

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Windows 8 – Design In Windows 8 the design has been tweaked; the start screen has been organized into tiles and has Windows’ Metro look and feel. It’s also a lot more colorful and different sections are now clear and distinctive. Microsoft has put a lot of work into personalizing your start screen, letting you pick and choose colour, background and where each tile sits. It’s all about making your start screen truly, ‘your own’.
Windows 8 – AppsWindows 8 is more focused on apps, and Microsoft is counting on Windows Marketplace to populate your start screen. No, it still doesn’t match up to Apple’s incredible number of apps, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. You can now switch between apps a lot easier, with a side window that you can use to select apps from. It even connects with your Xbox Live, so you can track you stats and gamerscore right from your start page.
Windows 8 – GesturesWindows 8 now has gesture controls similar to Apple’s hot corners, letting you pop out the start screen, apps page and more with ease. Microsoft has also added new a feature called Semantic Zoom, that lets you to zoom out and see all your programs at once. These gestures are definitely made for touchscreens, but you’ll be able to use it on a regular desktop or laptop too.
Windows 8 – PerformanceThe internet is now faster, safer and easier to get into on Windows 8. Typing is a lot easier, what with predictive text and spelling corrections and you can also split the keyboard (more for tablets) making it easier for your thumbs to reach the letters (a la iPad). All of Windows 8 is now faster and more responsive, with a more usable interface for both a touchscreen or a mouse. Windows 8 – Verdict Microsoft has gone for ease of use and more apps in Windows 8. And with the much more personalized start screen design and much faster internet, we think its looks pretty good. We just hope that when it does launch for real, sometime this October, Microsoft has a few more apps floating around its Marketplace.

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