Windows Gadgets Hacked (Download Fix Now)

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Microsoft has declared a sort of security warning against vulnerabilities found in insecure gadgets which affect the Windows Sidebar found on supported versions of Windows 7 and Windows Vista. To resolve the issue, Microsoft has found a way to disable the sidebar and gadgets. This will help protect users from vulnerabilities involved in the arbitrary code execution by the Windows Sidebar when it runs insecure gadgets. Introduced in Windows Vista back in 2007, gadgets and the sidebar engine are utilized in running and managing single-use lightweight features. On the other hand, gadgets on Windows 7 are placed directly on the desktop and not on a separate sidebar. Despite all the praises given profusely by Microsoft, gadgets never became popular with users. Nobody was surprised when Microsoft announced in the end that they are aborting their support of gadgets from Windows 8. Likewise, the Windows Live Gallery which is a source for PC gadgets has been placed into oblivion. In the Windows website, users are warned on how installing gadgets from unsecured sources can be harmful to the computer and how files can be accessed, undesirable content can be displayed, and abnormal behavior can be witnessed. To resolve the issue, Microsoft is offering “Fixit” that will help users to disable all gadgets and the sidebar in Windows 7 and Vista. This automated configuration feature can be accessed through Microsoft’s support page.
Download & fix your Windows Vista & Windows 7 now to stay safe from hackers: Microsoft Fixit

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