Windows Phone 7.5 Search Features

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Apple’s iPhone 4S came up with is most talked feature the “Siri voice assistant”. Do you know about Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 Speech & Search features?

Microsoft has been working hard to bring more natural and intuitive speech technologies to a wider audience. The software giant introduced some of its Tellme work with the Xbox 360 and Kinect. The Tellme service currently processes over 11 billion voice interactions a year. The interactions help Microsoft improve their speech service as the system continuously learns and adapts. Windows Phone 7.5 contains an improved version of Tellme that now dictates messages and the following features:

Making a phone call by name or nickname
Redialing a number
Calling voicemail
Searching Bing
Turning on the speakerphone
Starting an app while in a call
Navigating Maps

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