Windows Phone to Overtake iOS

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Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system is attracting more and more users to its side, and new reports on the matter suggest that it is moving closer to overtaking Apple’s iOS in some more markets out there, including Belgium.

According to a report coming from Le Soir, Windows Phone has grown to 12 percent market share in the country lately, which has brought it closer to the 19 percent share that iOS enjoys on this market at the moment.

Apparently, Microsoft itself has confirmed this, while also unveiling that the 12% market share has pushed Belgium to the top 10 countries where Windows Phone is most popular among end-users.

At the moment, as WMPoweruser notes, Windows Phone is also on track to reach 10 percent market share in a series of other markets in Europe, including France, the UK and Germany. The mobile operating system is also highly popular among mobile phone users in Russia, India, Brazil and Mexico.

As previous analyst reports have suggested, Windows Phone is indeed gaining more and more ground on various markets out there, though it does so at a slow pace. Recent data coming from ABI Research has confirmed that the operating system still enjoys only roughly 3 percent market share worldwide.

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