World’s tallest clock tower planned in India

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india clock tower
Multinational company Infosys recently revealed its plan to install the world’s tallest free-standing clock tower at its training campus in Mysuru, Karnataka, India. The clock tower is slated to rise to a height of 135 m (442 ft).

Taking up a physical footprint of 22 x 22 m (72 x 72 ft), the Neo-Gothic clock tower bears a resemblance to the Palace of Westminster’s non free-standing Elizabeth Tower – or Big Ben – which isn’t as tall, coming in at 96 m (314 ft).

The 19-story clock tower will be built by India’s Hafeez Contractor and feature a boardroom, restaurants, visitors’ area, and a viewing room.

The BBC reports that the clock will sport a digital face, thus allowing Infosys to display messages during events like Christmas and national holidays.

The total budget for the clock tower is estimated at roughly US$8.8 million and construction is expected to take around 20 months to complete. As of writing, we’ve no word yet on when construction is expected to begin.

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