X-37b Space Shuttle – Secret Mission

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The robotic space shuttle secretly left Earth seven months ago. It remained in Earth’s orbit for 220 days. And since the whole mission was kept in secret, many space analysts and sky watchers were left in mysterious speculations and doubt.

And though some details of the unmanned spacecraft were not disclosed, what has been revealed was that the X-37B contained two stabilizers called ruddervators. It also has two wings and is covered with black heat-resistant tiles that withstand extremely hot atmospheric temperatures. It’s 9.5 feet tall and weighs around 11,000 pounds.

But unlike what we have heard from rumors, X-37B is not a space weapon or an orbital spy platform. Its main mission was to test the reliability and reusability of launching unmanned space shuttles on space. Hence that X-37B was also known as Orbital Test Vehicle 1. However, the Air Force did not reveal details regarding the spacecraft’s performance while orbiting on space.

Thus through this successful mission, the United States Air Force has been very pleased to have achieved the shuttle’s main objective. The successful landing denotes a positive probability of launching more recoverable spacecrafts in the near future.

Furthermore, they are planning to order another X-37B from Phantom Works Division which will be set to launch sometime in Spring of 2011.

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