Xbox Live Profiles Hacked

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If hacking delivers a huge paycheck, then it explains why there are still people who practice the notorious trade. The latest victim so far are the employees from Microsoft whose high profile Xbox Live accounts have been hacked by attackers who used several social-engineering methods in order to gain an illegal access. Evidence of the hacking has been revealed online in a video showing the group of hackers using illegally gathered Social Security data in order to gain access then eventually sell off user accounts of Xbox Live. 

The videos have shown the group as using the screen-grabbing software from the desktop and even their exchange of conversations with the other members through instant messages that are visible from the background. Apparently, this group of hackers is the same group that targeted Brian Krebs who is a security researcher. 

Their reason for the attack is because Krebs has revealed their method of putting the accounts of Microsoft employees in a compromise. The method revolves around acquiring, using, and selling off the social security numbers of Microsoft employees. 

The group has eventually succeeded in bypassing the security proofs of Microsoft. Microsoft has responded to the report by saying that the company neither collects nor uses SSNs in its services. They have advised their customers to report any concerns by visiting Xbox’s security page.

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