Xtreamer PVR: Specs and Price

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While we still are contemplating about the last two Xtreamer devices we’ve seen last week, here comes the company revealing again another super-compact entertainment computer for your home entitled as Xtreamer PVR.

Unlike its HTPC brother or the Prodigy, both using desktop-based operating system, the PVR will run Android 2.2 (Froyo) on its core utilizing Sigma Design SMP8656 chipset and SyncX 750MHz which is based on a dual-core ARM processor to deliver a powerful home-entertainment device while maintaining its rigid size.

Meanwhile, its specifications will also pack 512MB RAM, 256MB Flash memory, 3.5-inch SATA mounted disk for its storage unit, in which the company claims you can add Android apps on your home-screen without mentioning if users would be able to access the Android market.

In addition to that, this device would have a gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 port that supports eSATA connectivity for a quick transfer of files from your hard drive. 802.11n WiFi support w/ optional USB dongle, and it’s compatible with core audio and video codecs including .H264 and Dolby Digital Plus. And didn’t we tell you that it has its own web-browser that can play Youtube videos in full HD?

If you are interested, you need to wait more because the price and release date for Xtreamer PVR are still being concealed by the company.

More Info: Xtreamer.Net

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