Yahoo Search Engine with Encryption

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Just like what President and CEO Marissa Mayer promised, Yahoo is now joining Google in terms of security.

Yes, it’s true: Yahoo now has a padlock and thus making all searches made on their engine goes through a secure server, which will do exactly what it is supposed to do: filter, monitor and prevent any unwanted trespassers from invading their space.

While we liked the idea that Yahoo is now secure, the new process was only observed only on the version and is yet to be spotted on other versions of Yahoo, although sources say that all “products will be made secure”.

Another fact is that doesn’t really target Yahoo Search and the modification was set to default and that the aforementioned products will also don the change by the end of March of this year, with user option to encrypt data.

As to exactly when Yahoo rolled out the measure is still the big question: one notion says that the company likewise included its email to the secured protocol on January 8th, so it’s safe to say that the rollout came out on the same time.

To put things in perspective, Yahoo now leads all search engines in terms of protection and is followed by Google and Bing. Google on the other hand passes search terms to their advertisers via their publisher tools while Bing’s secure search come as an option.

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