Zain Bahrain opens e-learning summit

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Zain Bahrain, a leading telecom services provider, recently launched an e-learning conference aimed at preparing the ground for future scientific and IT initiatives in Bahrain.

Themed “The role of e-learning in supporting knowledge communities”, the third Zain e-learning conference and exhibition was attended by more 500 people, including IT students, professionals and faculty.

The state-of-the-art Zain e-learning center is a pioneering CSR initiative of Zain Bahrain which focuses on preparing society and the next generation for the tech-driven future, a statement said.

“Our sponsorship of the conference and of the Zain e-learning centre is as important to us as our enormous investment in the region’s first LTE (long term evolution) technology for our network,” said Mohammed Zainalabedin, general manager, Zain Bahrain.

“These steps are Zain Bahrain’s way of preparing for the future when the graduates of this e-learning center will demand more services and innovation from us. We want to future proof our services and hence the investment in LTE. And to future proof our society, we have invested in this e-learning center and this conference,” he concluded


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