Zain comes up with "Zain Webinars"

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Zain have introduced what’s called “Zain Webinars” it’s interactive Marketing Strategy to Boost Promotion for its wide range of Products & Offers like Zain Broadband 2.0, Mobile Phones, Postpaid Price plans, more & more.
The first Zain Webinar centered on the topic of the Zain Broadband 2.0- the latest version of the nation-wide WiMAX network and its enhanced features, hosted by Mr. Ali Sabkar- eMarketing Project Manager and the guest speaker was Mr. Mohamed Al Alawi – Expert, Business Solutions at Zain Bahrain.

“A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements — the ability to give, receive and discuss information with the participants who got a chance to inquire and speak their thoughts with the presenters,” explained Mr. Sabkar.

Since this was the first Zain Webinar, all participants entered a raffle draw and three lucky winners were selected, who won a Zain Broadband 2.0 with a 3-month free rental on the package of their choice!


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