WordPress Sites Now Support Google AMP

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Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), launched to the world this week, and it’s got a big partner announcing support for the format today: WordPress.com.

Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, said today that it’s enabling AMP by default for all WordPress blogs. That means that hosted WordPress users will get super-fast page loads when visitors come to their sites from Google results and they don’t need to change anything.

The idea behind AMP was to create an open-source framework that publishers could contribute to that would help speed up the mobile Web.

WordPress has also made a plugin available for self-hosted users that automatically converts content as well.

AMP is enabled by default for all WordPress.com users from today, and you’ll start seeing speedy results in Google search results with a small lightning bolt next to them to indicate that they’ll load faster.

You can see an example of an AMP page on WordPress.com in action here.

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