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Pioneer Car Stereo with wireless Android Auto CarPlay

Connecting smartphones to car dashboards isn’t exactly new. Having those dashboards support Google’s Android Auto or Apple’s CarPlay, or both, is just a bit newer. But doing all of that ...

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Fortnite Game: Android release coming soon

Fortnite became available for all players on iOS this week – that means iPhone and iPad alike. But Android remains in development, and there’s been no public word on when, ...

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iPhone 8, 8 Plus RED release confirmed by Apple

Apple is planning special (PRODUCT)RED releases of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and now the company has confirmed them. Apple officially revealed the two new phones. Apple says ...

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Google Chrome Privacy Extensions for More Secure Experience

No Coin – Block miners on the web! Block coin miners using your computer ressources without your consent. No coin is a tiny browser extension aiming to block coin miners ...

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FaceRig Cosplay with Digital Characters

One of the more advanced technologies smartphones have managed to democratized is facial mapping. Thanks to the immense power these handhelds pack nowadays, developers have been able to accurately track ...

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Microsoft Bahrain launches the new Microsoft Surface Pro

Multifunctional hybrid device capable of running the most demanding business applications Whether at work or at home, innovating or relaxing, the Surface Pro is there for whatever you need, says ...

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