5 Million Gmail Accounts Hacked

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Google representatives say that the information “is old and out of date” and as such, most of the phished credentials belong to old accounts that are already suspended, while others still use old passwords. This however was suspended by tvskit, who posted a screenshot of the database over btsec.com. The poster added that 60% of the passwords are still working.

Moreover, the data suggested that the hacked information contain necessary details of English, Russian and Spanish speaking users of Google services, including Gmail and Google+. Yandex, Russia’s biggest Search Engine platform was also hacked and valued information was also leaked over the Internet.

Both Google and Yandex said that their system was not compromised by the hacking and that only user information was divulged to the public.

As a general precaution, users are advised to change their usernames and/or passwords and use Google’s 2-Step Verification that will enable you to protect your information with the use of your password and your Smartphone.

Another option is to head to isleaked.com/en.php. Enter your email address and check if it is included in the list of hacked accounts.

Let’s consider this as a head’s up to put some added padlock on our accounts. There’s no reason why we opt to do otherwise; after all, hackers practically don’t give squat just as long as they do their thing.

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