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Top Cybersecurity Trends 2023

Cybersecurity is one of the most important and dynamic fields in today’s digital world. As technology evolves and new threats emerge, cybersecurity professionals need to stay on top of the ...

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Mark Zuckerberg social media accounts hacked

Facebook’s co-founder and CEO lost control of his LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter after cybercriminals hacked into his social media accounts. The hijackers, dubbed OurMine Team, bragged about hacking Mark Zuckerberg ...

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Nissan disables leaf app for electric cars over hacking scare

Nissan Motor said on Friday it has disabled leaf app a mobile phone application for a pair of electric vehicles, including the world’s top seller, after finding it can be ...

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Hackers that attacked PSN & Xbox are targeting TOR

Lizard Patrol, the hacking group claiming responsibility for the Christmas attacks on PlayStation and Xbox Live, has announced a new target: Tor, the anonymous internet service. The hacker group appears ...

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Sony Studio Hack – Biggest 2014 Hack Details

The hack attack on Sony Pictures continues to dominate web headlines as phone numbers as well as movie scripts start to leak online. Last week’s attack has caused personal photos ...

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Social Media Security Alert: Websites Offering free services to hack Facebook accounts

Websites claiming to provide automated tools for discovering the log-in credentials of a Facebook member are being set up in a more complex type of scam. The “hacking” service is ...

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