Android 4.3 leaked (Update dates)

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The latest update to Android Jelly Bean, the Android 4.3 has been making rounds for quite some time already although its official announcement is yet unknown for now. A good backup of the update was recently shown by a Google+ user in a Nexus 4 which he bought from the wild and the initial tinkering of the device indicates a legitimate Android build with build JWR66N

When he was branded a hoaxer for making this revelation, help came to confirm the veracity of his claim and to show to all and sundry that he’s being truthful after all. It turned out the system dump is Nexus 4-owned with the build number indicated. What is missing for now is the reference to both bootloader and the radio, which are forthcoming. TWRP recovery also works with it for back restoration and the latest Play Store v4.2.3 is quite revealing inside. The backup process needs the installation of custom recovery in order to move the the file into a directory on within the /sdcard folder after which a complete is made.

Android 4.3 hasn’t made much publicity from the company lately but the upcoming Google event in July 24 will be an opportunity for its unveiling in the wild. Pundits expect its OTA download to be announced then.

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