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Android 11: Features release date & more

Following four developer previews of the software, Google has released Android 11 as a public beta, and that means anyone who wants to install it on their Pixel phone can. ...

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Save Battery life in Android – Tips

Do you have a problem with the battery life of your smartphone? Chances are the answer to the question is a yes. With Android phones being the most popular devices ...

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Microsoft makes $2 billion a year from Android

Google have to pay Microsoft a fee for every Android handset because of Microsoft patents used in the OS. The total revenue from that isn’t known, but Nomura analyst Rick ...

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HTC One Mini (Overview & Release Dates)

A small version of HTC One is coming out next month as officially announced by HTC. The HTC One mini retains the software inside and the overall appearance of its ...

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Android 4.3 leaked (Update dates)

The latest update to Android Jelly Bean, the Android 4.3 has been making rounds for quite some time already although its official announcement is yet unknown for now. A good ...

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Android Security Exploit Affects Most Android Devices

Owners of Android devices watch out for Android Security Exploit.. because a vulnerability within Google’s flagship OS has been discovered by Bluebox Labs and this could affect the security of ...

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