Android Security Exploit Affects Most Android Devices

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Owners of Android devices watch out for Android Security Exploit.. because a vulnerability within Google’s flagship OS has been discovered by Bluebox Labs and this could affect the security of almost all of the 900 million Android-run gadgets around the world with the exception of Galaxy S 4. The Samsung smartphone has already considered this threat by the time it was brought to the attention of Google last February and so made itself immune through a security patch.

For now, Google is not responding to all requests for a comment and manufacturers should take the responsibility of securing their gadgets yet to be outed by creating a fix for the this threatening exploit. Existing gadget owners should not be worried since they can always go to the Play Store for an update or use the built-in update feature of the Android device. The exploit could grant hackers access to the APK code and modify it to gain control of the device by making a malicious Trojan out of any legit apps.

It seems that the vulnerability had been around since Android 1.6 Donuts was introduced and the hacking had been going on since then stealing a user’s data or creating a botnet. This exploit can bypass the cryptographic signature making it hard for the Android to detect the intrusion of an app.

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