Andy Rubin to Builds Real Robots For Google

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Google is reportedly venturing into the robot-making business using the resources and talents of the seven technology companies that it acquired last year. The concept of robots relieving man of daily routine task is coming to reality when Amazon introduced this week is prototype aerial delivery drone to the astonishment of Cyber Monday shoppers as well as print and broadcast media.

This surprising news comes with another surprise, that the man to lead the robot program of Google is no other than the inventor of the Android operating system, Andy Rubin, who used to hold executive positions before and resigned to convince the founders of Google of the need to develop a robot-making program, which he apparently headed. The founders gave their full support to Rubin’s plans and this has opened the doors of Google to the world of robot-making. Two sample humanoid robots are on display at the Google office.

The robots are envisioned to provide assistance in the area of logistics and production but it can also play an important role in retailing business. Google’s management is counting on Rubin to formulate and design a robot-making framework because of the massive opportunity associated with it. For now, no blueprint is yet available on how that program is going.

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