Angry Birds Go! Racing comes alive

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A new game app that will carry the Angry Birds character will be set loose come December 11 and it is a completely new downhill racing game with all known Angry Birds characters doing all the driving. The racing environment will be in full 3D world and the characters can drive in any upgradable karts that a user chooses.

There will be other characters who act as opponents during the actual race that will traverse roads that are treacherous. A special kind of power is given to a race leader to make things as fast and furious as possible. The app will be available in a free-to-play fashion with options to upgrade at a price certain to make the race more entertaining and enjoyable. The new karts take the form of telepods which were introduced in another game series, Angry Birds Star Wars.

It would seem that Rovio is bent on bringing down the flying creatures to the ground to make fun with the rest of the animal world in a crazy but hilarious and enjoyable slot race. Angry Birds Go! will be available for all systems, whether iOS, Android, and those of BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8. The prices of kart and other upgrades are unknown for now. See trailer for more details.

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