Apple iWatch replica by China – Hyperdon Smart Watch

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This replica of Apple iWatch is created by Shenzhen-based Hyperdon is called “Smart Watch,” and it almost looks like the real deal — at least, upon first glance.

The watch’s screen only displays when it’s turned on, and many of its icons are blatant ripoffs of Apple designs. The pairing process took a few tries, but once connected to my iPhone 6, I was able to make phone calls and play music through the watch. It even vibrates when I get a call.

The Smart Watch also has a pedometer, stopwatch, alarm and something called “Anti lost.” I wasn’t sure how this feature worked, at first; it gives you the option to “enable” or “disable,” but didn’t appear to do anything. However, a fellow reporter pointed out that “Anti lost” likely alerts you when you get out of Bluetooth range.

There is also a messaging and notifier feature that helps you get notifications from WeChat and other apps, but it requires downloading a sketchy-looking APK that I don’t think would work with an un-jailbroken iPhone.

The watch charges via a USB cable, and a Hyperdon representative claimed the battery life is “more than 180 hours,”

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