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Apple iWatch replica by China – Hyperdon Smart Watch

This replica of Apple iWatch is created by Shenzhen-based Hyperdon is called “Smart Watch,” and it almost looks like the real deal — at least, upon first glance. The watch’s ...

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LG G Watch R – Overview (updated)

The G Watch R is one of the best smartwatches on the market, but it’s still far from a polished device. Android Wear needs more work, it feels odd talking ...

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Samsung Galaxy Gear can run proper Android apps

The Samsung Galaxy Gear has turned out to be quite the entertaining hacking device. Using Android’s SDK and Android Debug Bridge (ADB) ArsTechnica was able to sideload some proper Android ...

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FiLIP Smartwatch for Kids

A tech company called Filip Technologies developed a smartwatch dedicated on tracking your child’s whereabouts using GPS, WiFi and cell tower triangulation. It is called FiLIP – inspired by the ...

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