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Evernote has announced updates for multiple platforms, including for its web app.

The company is now introducing Reminders, which is a feature that incorporates three of the most requested updates rolled into one.

The new feature that Evernote added to the list lets you receive in-app and email alarms, create quick note-based to-do lists and pin notes to the top of the list.

Basically, reminders can be added to a note by simply tapping on the alarm clock icon that is located at the top of the note on the web app. It’s even possible to set a date and time for when the note must be completed.

You can get an in-app alarm, as well as an email the day that a Reminder is due, so you are always aware of the things you must do.

Reminders are notebook-based, so they should be easy to use and organize.

Find out more & download now:  Evernote.com

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