Facebook Force Employees to use FB on Mobile

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Plenty of companies block Facebook and other social sites to keep employees from wasting time on them. But you wouldn’t expect one of these companies to be Facebook itself. Yet it turns out that Facebook did just that, block the site internally for some employees. It wasn’t because they were spending too much time on the site, it was to force them to use the mobile apps. 

Facebook is very focused on mobile devices these days and wants its employees to be as well. Facebook Product Manager Josh Williams, the former CEO of Gowalla, revealed that access to the site was cut off for him and other product managers to get them to use the app exclusively. “To be honest, a couple of weeks ago, myself and a number of other product managers had access to our website internally shut off,” he said at SXSW, according to Fast Company. 

“Basically it forced us to use only mobile devices for a week… It forced us to say, ‘Hey, we have these features that exist in one place but not in another, and we have to remedy.’,” he added.

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