Facebook Lite app for low-end devices

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Social media leader Facebook silently launched a lighter version of the popular mobile app ideal for entry-level Smartphones that are sold in emerging markets.

Facebook Lite app was launched in Bangladesh, Nigeria, Nepal, South Africa, Sudan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe over the weekend and, as far as the app is concerned, is the simplified version of the 27MB application, which is suited for mid-tier devices or higher.

Facebook Lite comes in at a mere 252KB – that’s best for phones that could only go up to 2G or those living in places with poor Internet connection. The app will also include several necessities like push notifications and camera integration, but it won’t eat up your space and make your device lag in the process. Of course, you can still read your newsfeeds in the process and keep up with what’s new around the world.

The main reason why Facebook decided to launch a Lite version is the fact that Smartphone sales in emerging markets are skyrocketing. There are some areas on the other hand that have yet to be reached by the Internet. They have simple, limited connections and the need for these communities to be connected with each other through social media became a primary motive for Mark Zuckerberg and company.

Facebook Lite is, well, light and simple. After it was rolled out, downloads are nearing the 10,000 mark and counting. From here on out, the world is slowly being connected

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