Facebook Paper App: Overview & Features

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Social media giant Facebook has just launch a new app to access great content that you might have missed. The app is called ‘Paper’. It is the first app out of Facebook Creative Labs which was established to let small teams build standalone mobile apps, much akin to small startups.

In the current timeline feature of Facebook, the News Feed from our friends and subscriptions are essentially unformatted and unindexed. The Paper app retains access to such information, the only difference is that it compiles these contents into sections like what you can find on a newspaper.

Some of the categories you may find are Tech, LOL, and Pop Culture. The layout is designed just like a blog where there’s a cover photo on top but since it was meant for mobile screens, users can scroll horizontally to check out the contents on each section. You can think of the format as a mash between a news website and a flip book. You can also customize the app with a choice of creating other sections for various themes and topics as you please.

As of now, Paper is only available in iOS format. The app will be launched to everyone in US on Facebook’s 10th anniversary this coming February 3.

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