Facebook Sued For Alleged Privacy Violation

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The social media giant, Facebook, is no stranger with privacy concerned lawsuits comes another case filed against them based on alleged violation of California Laws and the Electronic Privacy Communications Act, compromising its promise of unprecedented security options for its users.

The complaint was filed by two Facebook users last month alleging that the company is applying an invasive scanning mechanism that surreptitiously gather data to increase its profitability from data about Facebook users. In other words, the content scanned by Facebook from the private messages of its users were allegedly shared with its marketers and advertisers.

The plaintiffs are seeking their status to be converted into a class action joining all other Facebook users who have sent or have received web links while using the platform for the past 2 years. More so, they asked the court to prevent Facebook from further intercepting messages along with $10,000 claim for damages for each user.

Back in August 2013, the company laid out various policy changes which they claim to “highlight how we use the information we receive to show you ads that we hope you find relevant and interesting.”

In response, the company through its spokesperson Jackie Rooney said that the suit is without merit. As of now, Facebook has yet to divulge further statements to explain and counter the allegations before the public.

The case is dubbed as Matthew Campbell v. Facebook Inc., 13-5996, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California.


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