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In preparation for the release of the operating system Windows 8, the official debut is scheduled for next year, Microsoft has a blog Corporation discovered the secret of a small loading time, which is one of the features of the new software platform. Reportedly, in particular, that the Redmond developers have created a new fast-start mode, which connects elements of the traditional “cold” startup and recovery work after the state of “hibernation”.

Moreover, the new regime may not work as hard disks, and with solid state drives and the system at the same time creates a so-called hibernation file for a basic session (kernel session). If you shut down Windows 7 operating system used to close the custom, and basic session, in the case of Windows 8, the last sinking into a deep sleep and remain on alert for the next boot.

According to Microsoft, these improvements allow the OS to speed up the loading of 30-70 percent depending on the system. In addition, the quick start option uses a special tool to download all available in the processor cores in parallel, which makes it possible to divide the work by reading information from a hibernation file and extract content.

As noted in an official blog dedicated to the creation of Windows 8 if Windows 7 boot time can vary from 25 to 72 seconds, then for Windows 8, the figure is 15 to 33 seconds. The developers are not going to impose the solution to users, and if you want those able to reconfigure Windows 8 on mode of extinction, both in the same Windows 7.

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