Facebook New Reactions: love, haha, wow, sadness & anger

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Facebook world top social media gaint introduced the new so-called “Reactions” including love, haha, wow, sadness or anger can be used instead of simply liking a post, a feature which has drawn criticism for being somewhat inappropriate in the past.

Here are five situations of love, life and death that we’ll no longer be forced to “like”…

1. Break ups
facebook wow

Break ups are tough – for everyone left rolling their eyes wondering how to respond and which side to take. As Facebook friendship groups become torn between one or the no-longer-significant other, the ensuing life update begs to be “liked”.

Now we’re able to sidestep the awkwardness by issuing sincere “sadness” at the development.

Of course, there may well be “anger” and “love” involved if things are especially complicated or if your spite simply can’t be contained.

2. Engagements
love facebook

As anyone in their late twenties will know, blush-inducing engagement announcements are an almost weekly occurrence on Facebook

Yet the common or garden ‘Like’ has never really helped us express the emotion such life changing news deserves.

For the meanies, there’s now “haha” or “anger”. For the besties, there’s “love” and “wow”.

3. Resignations
facebook react

The conundrum faced by a colleague’s painfully obvious, mean-spirited resignation post will be solved by Facebook Reactions.

Of course, if it’s good news for everyone involved a “like” or even “love” may prove appropriate.

If it’s a sudden resignation and a blistering riposte to the boss, “anger” may well be the best option.

Especially if you’re said boss.

4. Embarrassing selfies
facebook haha

Cringeworthy pics that should have never seen the light of day have always posed a problem for the discerning Facebook users.

Not wanting to snub a friend but equally hesitant to “like” such snaps, people are now afforded a few more options to avoid the awkwardness.

The mildly amused reaction “haha” may work best for these situations – not quite a “like”, but not a “wow” either.

5. Deaths
sad facebook

Death announcements are never nice to see on our Facebook feeds, but liking these posts was always presented as an option – regardless of how awkward actually doing so might be.

With Reactions, we’ll be able to express our sadness more appropriately – especially if such emotion can’t be easily expressed with words in a comment.

Reactions are Facebook’s response to the lack of a “dislike” button and founder Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the new feature last year.

It’s now been revealed that several combinations of emojis have been tested by the company before a final decision was made.

Announcing the launch of Reactions, Facebook said: “We have been testing Reactions in a few markets since last year, and have received positive feedback so far.

“Today, we’re excited to offer it to everyone who uses Facebook around the world. We will continue learning and listening to feedback to make sure we have a set of reactions that will be useful for everyone. We hope you enjoy the new Reactions.

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