FiLIP Smartwatch for Kids

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filip smartwatch
A tech company called Filip Technologies developed a smartwatch dedicated on tracking your child’s whereabouts using GPS, WiFi and cell tower triangulation. It is called FiLIP – inspired by the name of the founder’s 3-year old son who was lost for several minutes. The FiLIP smartwatch is an “electronic leash” that provides peace of mind to parents knowing where to find their children. It works by using GPS technology, WiFi, cell tower triangulation and a dedicated app that can send texts to the parent’s/guardian’s smartphones.

The FiLIP watch is aimed at children 11 and younger, given that many parents don’t want to buy their kids a cell phone until they’re a bit older.

Meanwhile, the FiLIP smartwatch app is used to set Safe Zones, track your child’s location and even make voice calls directly on the timepiece. A set of contacts can be established to allow other people to send messages or make voice calls directly on the device. It also has an emergency button that triggers a location beacon, sound recording and direct line to emergency services if parents/guardians are out of sight. The smartwatch will be available in four different colors including red, blue, green and yellow.

GPS technology has been widely used to track pets and animals in the wild with pin point accuracy. The FiLIP smartwatch may not have fancy features like other smartwatches in the market however, it gets the job done.

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