Fortnite Game: Android release coming soon

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Fortnite became available for all players on iOS this week – that means iPhone and iPad alike. But Android remains in development, and there’s been no public word on when, exactly, it’ll be released. We can, however, take a peek at the timelines of each other platform’s release and find a rather sensible timeframe in which the game might well be released – for Android, that is to say.

Fortnite for Android Release Date
The original game Fortnite for PC was released as a paid-for early access game for PS4, Xbox One, macOS, and Windows back on July 25th, 2017. In September of 2017, Fortnite Battle Royale was released – that’s the part we’re looking at now. In March of 2018, the Mobile version was revealed, then quickly released.

Epic Games develops games QUICK when they set their developers on a project. BUT, this isn’t like anything they’ve done before. They don’t often work on Android. Right this minute, they’ve only got one title on Google Play, and it’s just a “coming soon” version of Battle Breakers.

Between the release of Battle Royale and the mobile version of Fortnite, Epic Games took 6 months. Epic Game’s official word on the matter is that “Android support is coming within the next few months.” That’s more than a couple, and probably not more than 5. As such, we wouldn’t be surprised to find Fortnite for Android coming in June, July, or August of 2018.

Mouse and Keyboard Play
Some players seem to be wondering whether their opponents are cheating with non-mobile controls. As it turns out – no, they’re not cheating, they’re playing on their PC. BUT, mobile players don’t just get dumped into matches with mobile players, they have to WANT to get in on the same match.

Cross-platform play is opt-in. A mobile player can opt-in to play in a PC match. A PC gamer CANNOT opt-in to play in a mobile match. There’s more than one matchmaking pool, which works out fine since everybody in the whole entire world seems to be playing this game at the moment.

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