Free WiFi usage in Sochi Olympics: Hacking Fears

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There’s a rumor that athletes and visitors in Sochi, Russia will be marred by cellphone hacking as the place is known to be plagued by computer diddlers and mobsters. A cellphone hack covers the unauthorized gathering of users’ data and information after a download or directly installing a malware from external sources be it as simple as hooking up for a free WiFi. The typical components mostly affected by the illegal intrusions include receiving/sending emails ad and web surfing.

The culprits seemed to take advantage of the proliferation of hacking activities in Russia, particularly in the Sochi region. Visitors to the Olympic site were already warned by the U.S State Department if they are American citizens. Authorities have raised the possibility of an attack in a concealed manner where a device is made to send information to the hacker.

Although security in every event like this is tight and costly, the threat of the hackers is undoubtedly hard to break. The lax in security monitoring can be blamed to law enforcers hooked to a system that doesn’t require a cellphone or an internet company and that system in unique in itself but incapable of tracing nearby hackers..

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