HTC One Mini (Overview & Release Dates)

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A small version of HTC One is coming out next month as officially announced by HTC. The HTC One mini retains the software inside and the overall appearance of its big brother, the HTC One, but the price is expected to be lower and, as a result, there will be some downgrades for some specs under the hood. The Super LCD display is of course smaller at only 4.3-inch with 720p resolution,the storage will not be expandable at 16Gb only, RAM is limited to 1Gb, the dual-core processor will be a step under at 1.4Ghz and Snapdragon 400, and the loss of some known specs, Those not making a return includes the camera’s stabilization functionality, the IR blaster, and the NFC which are all found in HTC One.

Despite all these minor adjustments, the One mini is still the same HTC’s Android flagship device we see on the bigger HTC One and the changes only pertain to the technical aspect. There are no noticeable differences in display an sound performances with the One mini giving out the same pixel density and sound quality via BoomSound. The retained LTE band is also showing the same performance but the battery’s capacity is paired down to just 1800mAh. It seems that smartphone manufacturers are taking a bold step in testing the market acceptability of a smaller clone of their original branded gadgets but HTC is doing it the right way, and that is retaining most of the original specs whenever practicable. Samsung for one has outed its Galaxy S4 mini but with reduced specs and some major drawbacks. The One mini is almost identical with its big brother maintaining that flagship look and the deficiencies noted above are hardly detectable at first sight.

The HTC One was just recently released after some manufacturing delays and it was praised for its innovative software and well received for its good hardware design. The HTC One runs on Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) with its Sense 5 UI and measures 5.2 x 2.49 x 0.35 inches. On the downside, the announcement came with no mention as to price and global availability is yet to come in September with the August release confined only to selected markets.

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