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Lamborghini has always been known for coming up with crazy, cool cars. Granted, most of the time they’re impractical and expensive, but no one can deny that Lamborghini cars are gorgeous. The company is celebrating its 50th birthday this year and what better way to celebrate than by coming up with a new concept car, the Egoista.

Egoista is Spanish for “selfish” and the car does take the “I, Me, Mine” concept to new heights. The Egoista is a single-seater car that was designed to give the driver free reign on how to express his or her individuality.

Lamborghini’s new concept car was inspired by the Apache attack helicopter and its influence can be subtly seen in the clean lines and planes of the car’s body. But in no other aspect of the car is this clearly shown than in the single person cockpit, which is so tight that there’s even a distinct routine that the driver should do before he can even get out of the car. This completely removable cockpit is made from aluminum and carbon fiber and might even be mistaken for something straight out of a jet. The Egoista’s body is made from the same materials as the cockpit with special antiradar properties added.

The Egoista is a one -of-a-kind car, literally. Lamborghini has already announced that the car they unveiled is the only one it will ever build.

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