LittleBigPlanet 3 Game: Overviews & Release Dates

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The latest LittleBigPlanet game is coming on November in time for the big holiday season and Sony is proud to announce that it’s reworked with tons of new features and improvements. Players can now manipulate characters to hurl objects, do a wall jump, shove obstacles and fly. New characters introduced include the flying Swoop, the quadrupedal Oddsock, and Toggle who will join Sackboy in the game.

Oddsock can use his super speed to help in powering objects, Toggle can push heavy objects or become small, while Swoop can life up platforms to help other players pass through. Extending the game world is possible through cooperative efforts of the characters. Players of the first two titles will be able to continue with their levels to the new game this time with upscaled graphics. Sony made this announcement yesterday during its keynote for E3 2014 where a gameplay trailer of LBP3 was shown for Playstation 4.

The old Sackboy still retains his role from the previous games. LBP3 is just one of the many announcements made by Sony during its annual E3 press conference. More than 8.7 million players from the previous games will be able to download the new game when it launches. Whether there are some improvements yet to be made or not, the game is definitely coming out and LBP-savvy individuals need to prepare for the download.

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