Microsoft Windows 8.1: Code Name “Blue”

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Microsoft’s yearly conference is slated for June 26 to 28 and it promises to be a great time to drop by and discover the company’s plans for the Windows 8. During the recently held Wired Business Conference, Windows head Julie Larson-Green announced that Microsoft would be releasing a preview of the Windows 8.1. Also known by its moniker, Blue, the revamped system is touted to be integrating changes that users have been clamoring for.

It goes without saying that Microsoft really needs to revamp its newest operating system. The much hyped Windows 8 system was a big disappointment and has been the scapegoat that analysts point to with regards to the serious decline in personal computer sales. It’s quite the bitter pill to swallow for a company that was so arrogantly confident about the product. However, the changes hint at the company’s acknowledgement of its shortcomings and are in fact moving to make the Windows 8 better.

There’s no denying that the idea behind Windows 8, with its colorful, interactive tiles and touch controlled screen, was pretty impressive. However, it was also baffling and confusing. The biggest complaint about the new system was the disappearance of the “Start” button. Instead of the familiar button that housed all the commonly used programs and shortcuts, the Windows 8 shows a collage of tiles that were designed to be swiped on with a finger instead of clicking on with a mouse. I can only imagine how happy most Windows users would be over the news that the Windows Blue might bring back the start button. There are also reports that Windows Blue will be improving on the Internet Explorer 11 and will also make it easier to find controls that are located at right side of the screen and that have to be pulled out when used.

The aforementioned changes are unsubstantiated, of course as Microsoft is keeping mum on what changes are being made with Blue or what its official name will be. Microsoft is aiming for a holiday release for Blue and more details about the revamped operating system will surely come out before the company’s Build event in June.

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