Play Sony PlayStation 4 Games on any PS4 Console

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A digital library is akin to a physical one filled with books and other similar stuff but differs in the way they are stored. The digital aspect bespeaks a cloud storage system that eliminates the need for building a physical object and a number of online stores are already using it as an extra service provided to their consumers.

Sony is contemplating of doing the same with PS4 games so that they can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from other people’s consoles. The concept works by logging into one’s account and then accessing the games from his digital library. Sony is also making it sure that even if a selected game is downloading to the PS4, the player can immediately play while waiting for the download to complete. It’s typically a “Play As You Download” thing allowing players to start and enjoy the fun of playing PS4 games.

This will be a handy and portable way of accessing the games from the cloud service enabling a friend’s idle PS4 gaming console to become alive again and kicking as well. There are other cloud services provided by popular companies such as Dropbox, iTunes, and AcerCloud and Sony’s Digital Library will be catering only to games that work with its upcoming PS4 gaming console. The concept could probably start rolling even before the PS4 is released in the wild.

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