Samsung Youm Future Flexible Phones

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2013 is looking to be a flexible year for Samsung as the tech trailblazer recently announced another innovation that would revolutionize display and portability in the future. During CES’ closing keynote in Las Vegas, Samsung display lab senior vice president Brian Berkley took out a prototype Smartphone with the company’s latest advancement: Youm is a flexible display that uses OLED display technology and, according to the Samsung exec, Youm will enable their partners to create “bendable, rollable and foldable displays”. 

Samsung’s concept of a flexible display screen has actually been on the works at Samsung’s labs; in CES 2011, Samsung also took out the idea (minus the phone) that had left the world with their jaws ajar. On the other hand, the term Youm was just recently concocted last spring. Phone prototypes with Youm took center stage as Samsung rolled out a couple of 5 inchers with their display screens wrapping the edges of the device. In line with this, it promises to give better color and contrast as well as unique viewing angles so that users will automatically see notifications and alerts whichever direction they look on their devices. Folding tablets, a rolling smartphone, a flexible handheld device – not bad of a concept and it is certainly fathomable enough only because Samsung is on the forefront of its development.

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