Security News Alert: Dropbox Hacked (Change your passwords)

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Dropbox users may need to reset their passwords or use the two-step authentication process to secure their accounts from hacking. An online post has shown the usernames and passwords of 400 users indicating that the site might have been hacked which could affect 7 million accounts. Although the company is quick to deny the purported hack happened and saying that the usernames and passwords posted online are already “expired” or inactive for some time.

The cloud service wants to assure its multitude of users that no hacking has been done and that a third-party app is responsible for revealing users log-in information through a complicated detection process. Email sites use the two-factor authentication to protect a user’s log-in information by verifying his identity in two ways usually through a mobile device and alternative email verification. The poster is asking for a donation via Bitcoins in exchange for more usernames and passwords.

It wasn’t clear yet how he managed to get them given that the company had vouched for the integrity of the security features of its cloud service. The “suspicious activity” had been detected a few months back and Dropbox caused the expiration of some accounts for the purpose of requiring users to reset their log-in details.

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