Sony Studio Hack – Biggest 2014 Hack Details

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The hack attack on Sony Pictures continues to dominate web headlines as phone numbers as well as movie scripts start to leak online. Last week’s attack has caused personal photos including images of celebrities in their embarrassing positions. The Guardians of Peace is reportedly getting new information after personal data of employees and their salaries are being gathered numbering at 40,000. This predicament may force Sony Pictures to institute a more comprehensive damage control program.

On the other end, celebrities may be blackmailed in providing some added protection in whatever form to prevent their sensitive files from coming out in the wild. GOP is also reportedly demanding that Sony Pictures stop releasing a show that depicts “terrorism” which actually points to “The Interview” with reference to North Korea. This added fueled speculation that the hackers are indeed from North Korea, a nation that denounced the showing of “terrorism” movies or shows.

However, investigators are still trying to dig to the bottom about the hack with their lips “closed” as far as the culprit is concerned. The company is probably expecting a monetary consideration short of blackmailing the company in return for not leaking the information hacked by the GOP. A North Korean hacker is a rare possibility given the economic, social, and political status of a “hermit” country.

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