Top 3 Professional Android apps of 2015

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1. Glympse


Location management is taken to a new personal level with Glympse. The app allows you to simply share your location with a set group of people for a set period of time. To use the app, team members simply text or email one another with a link that they can use to track you or themselves. The app allows team members to view a dynamic map that updates team members’ whereabouts in real time. The service uses a phone’s GPS capabilities and allows participants to choose who they want to see their location, when and for how long. This is great for teams that want to stop asking, “Where are you now?”

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2. UberConference

Say goodbye to juggling phone calls among multiple team members on your mobile phone. With UberConference, you can host an unlimited number of conference calls with up to 10 callers at a time – hassle-free. The app allows you to create instant conference calls simply by selecting from a group of contacts and choosing a meeting time. The real beauty of UberConfence is that, because it’s an app with an interface that shows participants, it doesn’t require awkward PIN numbers or having to ask, “Who just joined?” UberConfence also offers free conference call recordings.

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3. SyncSpace
When words fail us in a business meeting, what do we do? We go to the whiteboard. But that’s impossible when you’re working with clients or colleagues in far-flung offices. SyncSpace gives you the ability to share a virtual whiteboard in seconds. SyncSpace is a real-time virtual whiteboard that allows you and participants to quickly and easily share a virtual environment to diagram, doodle and scribble a shared first draft of that million-dollar idea.

Download Free: Google Playstore

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