USB Stick Made From Meteor Rock

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If you’ve ever wanted a stylish and flashy electronic storage device for whatever reason and have a lot of spare cash, there’s a new product by Zana Design called the Apophis, a luxury USB drive. 

What’s so special about this flash drive? Namely, the materials used to create it. Right off the bat, you’ll notice that while it’s encased in wood like another of Zana’s unique USB products, this kind of wood is different. It’s in fact 200-year-old African wood lined with 18-karat gold or silver, depending on your preference and available money. 

Though that’s not all it boasts and if you know some astronomy, you may recognize the name Apophis to be an asteroid that is expected to collide with Earth in the future. This USB was named after a celestial object for good reason- there are chunks of a 4.5-billion-year-old meteorite in this device. 

The meteorite doesn’t seem to do anything for the USB’s functions and are possibly only there for aesthetic reasons. Casing and materials aside, the Apophis carries 64GB in storage and 190MB/s in reading speed. Now available for purchase, the gold-lined Apophis costs $1,990 (BHD 754) while the silver version is at $1,130 (BHD 427). Both versions come with a lifetime guarantee, so if you decide to buy one and accidentally break it, you don’t have to despair at losing something so intricately made.

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