Useful Tips to Keep Your Online Social Life Secure

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With all the malware, phishing and scams that are plaguing the Internet, it’s difficult for users not to fall victim to cyber threats while using social media services. However, if you follow some quick tips, you can considerably reduce the cyber criminals and fraudsters’ chance of success.

So let’s take a quick look at the six pieces of advice offered by the expert:

1. Check out the social network’s settings and privacy menu. Most websites offer advanced settings that will allow you to make sure only select people can view the content you post.

The configuration menus usually come with useful tips and hints on how to select the best options, so make sure you check them out.

2. The “don’t talk to strangers” rule that parents tell their kids can be successfully applied to cyberspace. However, when it comes to cyberspace, the rule is useful to adults as well.

By hiding behind keyboards, scammers and fraudsters can easily gain your trust and abuse it for their own profit.

3. Always use complicated passwords. If a service that stores your password in plain text is hacked, there’s not much you can do to prevent your passwords from being compromised.

However, if you utilize a different password for each site and you make sure it’s not easy to guess/crack, you can increase the level of security of your accounts. If you’re not good at remembering complicated passwords, try using password managers.

4. Keep private pictures private. The internet is flooded with the private pictures of individuals, especially women, and in most cases, the images ended up online without their consent.

Refrain from sending your friends/partner raunchy photos as you might live to regret it.

5. Don’t overshare. Sharing personal information such as a pet’s name, your birthday and your mother’s maiden name might not seem to be dangerous. However, clever social engineers can use even the most insignificant pieces of information when they try to con you.

Revealing your location on social media sites is also dangerous because burglars can use the information to know when to hit your house.

6. Keep up with the latest security news. New scams, malware and other threats emerge all the time and being aware of them could keep you out of trouble.

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