WebOS 3: News updates

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After the announcement of HP Touchpad last month, everyone is wondering what will be the new improvements for its upcoming WebOS 3.0? So far, the company managed to hint us when it announced that it’s already accepting developers and SDK distribution for our experts to fondle with.
So those lovely pictures came from Precentral, in which a developer tipped the images. So far, the emulator is in its beta stage, so keep in mind that bugs are imminent. But you can deny that its performance is already impressive especially when you reach the maps part.

Obviously, there won’t be any mouse clicks when this officially launches on the Touchpad. Likewise, it’s noticeable that the UI experience has some resemblance with the Android Honeycomb.
Right now, the only question is, how will the customers respond with this? And will the WebOS apps be enough against the two giants (iOS / Android)?

Source: developer.palm.com

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