Xbox One X Scorpio Edition

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Microsoft confirmed a special edition of the Xbox One X at Gamescom last week. It’s called the Project Scorpio Edition and it’s meant for the diehard Xbox fans that used to lineup outside stores to get their hands on Microsoft’s latest consoles. It’s the first Xbox One X to be available for pre-order earlier this week and it turns out that sales have exceeded expectations at Microsoft.

Aaron Greenberg, the head of marketing at Xbox, revealed that the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition sold out faster than the company was expecting. Amazon was sold out of its inventory within 25 minutes.
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“We expected our total inventory to last about a week and it sold out in less than a day, so… We don’t share the amount of inventory, but the Project Scorpio Edition was for those core fans, the people that used to line up in front of the stores,” he said.
Greenberg reiterates that the Project Scorpio Edition has been made for the company’s diehard fans and they have responded in kind. Fans in Germany were particularly excited to get their hands on this special edition. Greenberg thinks that the order rate in Germany was perhaps the fastest in the world for the Xbox One X.

The standard edition Xbox One X will be available on November 7th.

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