Studies say 43% of Facebook Pages Use Paid Advertising

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Welcome to the latest study in which Locowise looks at 5,000 Facebook pages and their growth, reach and engagement results in the month of May.

Here are our main findings:

The average page likes growth was at only 0.2% in May. This is poor compared to 1.95% growth we see on Instagram. The smallest pages (those with less than 1,000 likes) had above average growth at 0.28% but there was actually a 0.21% decrease for pages with over 1,000,000 pages likes.
43.36% of pages we looked at in our study used Facebook advertising, buying 31.51% of their total reach. The larger the page, the higher the chance that the page is using ads. 48.28% of the largest pages used ads, while only 23.81% of the smallest pages did the same.
The average reach per post for pages we looked at was at 8.34% of all page likes in the month of May. A very positive news for brands struggling to reach their audience organically. The larger the page the less organic reach there is per post though. For pages with over 1,000,000 likes the average reach was 6.62% while for the smallest pages the reach was 14.88% of their audience.
The average engagement per post was at 6.61% of people reached. The largest pages (those with over 1 million likes) had an above-average engagement of 8.92% of people reached. This means that the average engagement per post is at 0.55% of all page likes, which again is poor compared to the 2.81% engagement of total following that we see on Instagram.
Videos lead in organic reach with 11.86% of page likes seeing a video post. Links reach 9%, photos reach 7.86% and status updates 6.12% of the total audience.
Photos lead in engagement with 7.06% of people reached engaging on average. Videos engage 6.61%, links engage 4.37%, while status updates engage 3.34% of people reached.

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