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After Elon Musk made “major” changes to the backend server architecture, Twitter experienced an outage.

Twitter has resolved an issue that caused a widespread outage earlier Wednesday (Pacific time), according to web monitoring tool DownDetector. The site acted up weirdly for over five hours for ...

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Ethical Hacking – 10 top penetration testing tool in 2022

When we talk about the penetration Testing tools, we all know very well that the first thing that comes up to our mind is the threat. As we all know ...

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Laptop/Notebook: Must have accessories

Backpack, bag and case protect the computer on the road and in transport, while mouse, keyboard, stand and monitor allow you to work more comfortably and ergonomically at home. After ...

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Ford’s Smart Traffic Sign Can Communicate With Cars

A technology developed by Ford could allow cars to be connected to smart traffic lights with the intention of opening the way for ambulances, rescue vehicles, firefighters, and police, as ...

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HTC One M8 amazing Phone with amazing specs

Finally, after months of debate, leaked photos, specs and the whether or not it would be called the One Two or the otherwise, HTC has finally revealed its next generation ...

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Candy Crush IPO announced, Game Valuation At $7 Billion

The maker of Candy Crush, King Digital Entertainment, has filed an Initial Public Offering presumably to raise more funds from the stock market. With its daily users or gamers reaching ...

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