Twitter workshop hosted by SMC Bahrain

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Bahrain Social Media Club hosted twitter fundamental workshop for members and social media fanatics in Capital Club, Bahrain.

Mr. Ali Sabkar, President of Social Media Club presented the workshop.

Basic tips on twitter overviews, usage & limitation were illustrated in the presentation.

Here are Some Basic Guidelines For Twitter

1. What is Twitter?
Twitter is a platform where users share their thoughts, news and all sorts of information in under 140 characters of text. The platform creates way for everyone to communicate with and reach out to more people all over the world. Users ‘follow’ each other to stay updated or talk to specific people or groups.

2. Twitter vs Facebook.
Twitter is more used by professional people, your twitter page is yourself branding. It is a highly public domain where everybody can see your posts, unless you protect your tweets. It’s not like Facebook where you can hide your posts and photos from other people and restrict viewing to only a few users.

If you intend to post a link of a website, you must first use a URL shortener?so you have enough character space for the rest of your post. Popular URL shorteners are tinyurl, which can reduce the link’s character count to under 20 characters. Twitter also has its own URL shortener

3. Direct messaging (DM)

You can only send a direct message?or DM to somebody who is following you and vice-versa. You don’t need to be following each other to be able to send a DM. Some DMs can be one-way, as with some celebrities and their fans.

4. Difference between @reply and @mention.
When a message begins with @username and then followed by the post itself, it’s a @reply. A @reply is in direct reply to another user and it appears on your and the other person’s public timeline. It will only be seen by the person you replied to and the people following both of you.

If the @username appears at any other part of the post, usually at the end, it’s a mention.

5. Hashtags #SMCBahrain
Keywords that start with a pound (#) sign are called hashtags?i.e. #BHSMCamp #SMCBahrain

Clicking on the hashtag will lead you to a thread of 100 most recent users that have applied that hashtag to their posts.

A hashtag?that is the most popularly used at a particular time will be called a trending topic.

6. You Need followers
Browsing around Twitter and ‘stalking’ celebrities is fine, but to truly enjoy and maximize the benefits of Twitter use, you will need a good number of followers with whom you engage in conversations.

7. Creating list
A list is a curated group of Twitter accounts. You can create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by others. Viewing a list timeline will show you a stream of Tweets from only the accounts on that list.

How to create list
Visit your Lists page via the gear icon drop-down menu or by clicking Lists on your profile page.
Click Create List.
Name the List & provide a description.
Designate the List as Public or Private.
Save the List.

8. You are what you tweet.
While you have the liberty to post anything you want, to gain a respectable Twitter reputation, you should be contributing some valuable information to the community.

Random arguments and targeting people might be amusing to some on twitter, but if you want to have a large following, your tweets should not be all about you.

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